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Playing BINGO by paper is the traditional method. All you’ll need is an ink marker called a dauber and the card itself. BINGO paper is sold in several sizes and can include a single game or multiple ones on a sheet. Each game has a specific pattern that must be followed to win. These patterns will be chosen before a game starts. Once a pattern is completed, the player must shout the word BINGO.


BINGO can also be played with the CHAMP-e™ computer tablet. These devices have large screens, making it easy to follow the game. One can easily play 66 cards at a time, increasing their chances of winning. Almost anyone can use them, even children as young as eight years. After a ball is called, the ball will show up on the screen and the device will update automatically, making the game easier to play for everyone.


Pull tabs are played in between regular BINGO games and are similar to lottery tickets. To play, a person will pay $1 per pull tab sold by an usher. There will be window tabs on the back of the card. When pulled, there will be several symbols with a prize amount that must match the winning combination on the front of the card. Players should hold onto these pull tabs until a game is ready to be played. Multiple cards can be purchased to increase the chance of winning.

With instant or daubing games, a player instantly wins if the symbol inside the pull tab matches the one on the front. The numbers can also be daubed as they’re called. With a running horses game, a player will have a horse number (1-15). The first to complete all five numbers in the BINGO board column wins. A player can also win if their ball number (1-75) is called as the last ball to complete the column on the BINGO board.